Welcome to Year 2023

We are still running and having fun as always!

Currently we are running game game servers to these games: Assetto Corsa, Valheim, V Rising, Satisfactory, 7 Days to Die. 

2023-04-25 20:40:59
Posted by Masa

Happy New Year 2023!

Ddaygaming wishes Happy New Year 2023!

2022-12-31 19:34:53
Posted by Masa

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Ddaygaming wishes Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022!

2021-12-24 10:52:56
Posted by Masa

New ArmA 3 server

If you like ArmA 3 coop server then you should check this

2021-09-28 20:50:09
Posted by Masa

How are we doing

We haven't wrote news for while but it's because we haven't done much of changes.

Current servers

  • 3 Assetto Corsa servers
  • Valheim
  • Factorio
  • Arma 3
  • TeamSpeak 3

We are always listening for new suggestion. So don't hesitate to contact us!

2021-04-30 09:38:15
Posted by Masa

Problems with hw configuration

We had some "minor" problems with out server renter but finally they managed to fix hdd raid configuration (which i had to fix after them)
Hopefully were out of problems and we can continue as usual!

2020-09-06 10:44:47
Posted by Masa

Teamspeak server have been moved

Tunestiga have changed their teamspeak server to new hardware
Old server should work now normally now in old address tunestiga.com

2020-09-04 17:31:27
Posted by Masa

JanneMasa have been opened store also

JanneMasa have opened merch store and you should also check it out.
Remember that you have change to be part of mug giveaway if you subscribe to jannemasa twitch channel.
Link to the shop!

2019-08-08 22:30:33
Posted by Masa

MD11Captain show have been opened!

Our longtime friend and twitch streamer have now opened merch store!
Go check it out and remember to order atleast new mug for yourself ;)
Link to the shop!

2019-08-08 21:24:23
Posted by Masa

Arma 3 Server co10-Escape

We set up new arma 3 server and it's running co10-escape mission
Password for private server is : tunestiga

ArmA 3 // Ddaygaming A3 co10 Escape-public

ArmA 3 // Ddaygaming A3 co10 Escape pw:tunestiga.com

2019-03-12 20:16:08
Posted by Masa

Fixing Site

Currently we had some "minor" problems while updating webserver and we had to rebuild our website again.
If you find any problems which haven't been fixed please contact us throught teamspeak.

2019-03-10 12:32:29
Posted by Masa

DayZ Standalone server

Because Bohemia released finally server files for dayz we had to start our own server again.

2018-09-20 20:44:27
Posted by Masa